Thursday, May 17, 2012

I saw that bunny rabbit on 87th again.

I saw that bunny rabbit on 87th again. This time, stretched out on a lawn carefree. Homie barely perked them ears when I walked by. I seen some kids a few doors down. I asked, "Did anybody lose they rabbit?" They said, "Nah, that's the neighborhood rabbit." Of course.

the hood really ain't appreciated for being such a weird and hilarious place by outsiders. they think the hood is all sherm juice and drive-bys.


it's bunny rabbits.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

i just helped get a(n indian) nigga locked up

i'm a bookkeeper at a department store.

this kid has been stealing hella ipads and macbooks. like half a dozen of each.

no idea how he managed to slip security all this time but they're just now busting him.

my job in the sting was to call and request he bring up his department's internal charges so i can process them. this drew him away from the sales floor and allowed the bosses and the detecs to confront him.

if i wind up getting killed in a bus explosion, i had that shit coming.